We pursue two high-level research thrusts. One, we construct empirical models of people’s security and privacy behaviors, particularly as they relate to new and emerging technologies. Much of this thrust will involve mixed-methods data collection and analysis - e.g., designing experiments, running interviews, scraping web data and analyzing large datasets.

Two, we construct novel security and privacy systems that better match people’s behaviors and capabilities. Much of this second thrust will involve programming, prototyping and running user studies to evaluate the artifacts that we create.

Our work across these two research thrusts draws from a variety of other intellectual traditions including usable security, ubiquitous computing, applied machine learning, computational social science and cognitive psychology.

We are currently seeking Ph.D., Master's, and undergraduate students at Georgia Tech to work with us on research related to usable privacy and security, interactive systems, and ubiquitous computing.

If you are interested in getting involved, please send an email briefly detailing your background and interests to sauvik [at] gatech [dot] edu.

Georgia Tech SPUD Lab
TSRB 246
85 5th St NW
Atlanta, GA 30308